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gak! college homework....

Wow, well I've been tizzy-fied for the past two weeks... I've managed to move to Idaho in safety, despite my huge climate adjustment... man it's like snowing a lot and in the below freezing temperatures all the time, whereas lovely Virginia is all, "Oh I'm 73 degrees and just nice and stuff." Man thats the annoying thing at the moment, I just focus on trying not to fall on my butt every time I walk outside, you'd think the ice lived here. Actually my crappy piano lack-of-skills bothers me more, man I wouldn't mind practicing and all if I didn't have to listen to myself. And humanities homework... 60-some pages to read... the book's not that interesting... Oh and my lack of pants is really getting to me. My Mom sent me a box, but it's not scheduled to get here til the 12th. ARG!!!!! Okay well, I think I took care of all my ranting for today... guess I'll have another go at that humanities book. Fuuuuuuuuun...
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